Your time is too valuable
to be distracted by
a poorly cleaned building.

Clean, carefully maintained facilities last longer
and save you money over time.

You just want to run your business
and not be distracted if something wasn't done. something was damaged. something is missing. something needed ordering. someone needed to be trained.

about us

Our Products & Consulting

Your needs are our first concern. When you buy products from Capital City Cleaning & Supply, we aren't selling you bowl cleaner, we're selling you clean restrooms. That means we back up our products with our expertise, offering training for everything we sell.

We'll get you the right product, show you the best technique, and even help you determine a cleaning plan for your space. That's a level of support you won't find anywhere else; that's The Capital City Difference.

  • The right product for your needs.
  • Training and consulting on how to use your supplies.
  • Assistance developing guidelines and schedules for cleaning your space.
Capital City Cleaning & Supply

Our Cleaning Services

Protect and preserve your biggest asset: your building.

Capital City Cleaning & Supply offers professional cleaning services for your buildings. No more worrying if things will be done right, no more distractions when you reach the office in the morning, and no more stress when clients visit. Just clean, healthy, productive work environments.

But don't take our word for it; read our case studies to learn about The Capital City Difference.

Great Impressions Delivered

Capital City Cleaning & Supply works with you to solve all your cleaning problems and to make sure that your building's spaces have the image you wish to maintain.

What do your clients see when they look at the floors and windows? Even if you don't have customers who come to your business space, your employees and their productivity are affected by the cleanliness of their environment.

Your Work Done For You

Cleaning is just cleaning, right? That's not how we see it. Using the wrong equipment for the job, or employing products that don't perform to expectations means lost time and money for your company. The Capital City Difference is doing the right thing every time and using the methods and products that are tailored for each client's needs. In an industry with relatively high turnover rates, we're proud to have had many clients' trust for decades.

Capital City Cleaning is trained and experienced to help your facilities make a positive impression.

Capital City Cleaning listens to your concerns and develops detailed cleaning programs to meet your needs.

Stop worrying about your work environment.

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