Madison Investment Advisors

The Capital City Difference

In the case of Madison Investment Advisors, while delivering supplies to a client who occupied an upstairs office, Dave noticed a few things about the guest lobby of the downstairs office (which was not his client at the time). The cream-colored carpet had a maroon border, and a 24x30 black stain visible from the hallway. Dave offered to fix the problem.

A few days later, Dave got a phone call: "I understand you think you can make that [spot] go away." Dave asked, "Has anybody ever tried?" The woman said, "Yes, but it keeps coming back."

With that information in hand and his knowledge of methods and materials, Dave performed an experiment: He taped off part of the spot and cleaned it his way. Where Dave cleaned, the spot did not come back.

The client said, "That's the best it's ever looked." Capital City Cleaning was invited to clean the lobby to get it ready for leasing.

Though Dave had not known at the time he'd offered to help with the stubborn stain, the downstairs office occupant was part-owner of the building, and had been impressed with his methods. Madison Investment Advisors asked Dave to put together specifications for cleaning for a brand new building that would have wool carpets and a lot of expensive wood.

On a walkthrough with the client just 30 days in the new building, she told Dave, "I see what you do every day. Just keep doing it."

Madison Investment Advisors has continued to be a Capital City Cleaning & Supply client for over 10 years.

Capital City Cleaning will work hard to meet your expectations, and show you that you made the right decision.