Local Hospital

The Capital City Difference

At a local hospital, an employee new to the cleaning needs of the facilities was placed in charge of the housekeeping staff. Though the administrator didn't know much about cleaning, she had a list of priorities and carpet was at the top of her list. The staff had a list of roadblocks in their minds, not enough time, not enough staff and having too much to do.

Dave D'Orazio - owner of Capital City Cleaning & Supply - noticed that since the building was open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the high-traffic-area carpets were cleaned weekly but left too wet to stay clean for long. The staff was cleaning the carpet, but the wet cleaning technique wasn't effective and didn't last, leading to the perception that the hospital was dirty and not well-kept.

In order to demonstrate the correct product and technique for this cleaning job, Dave taped off test areas of the carpet and cleaned them using a Capital City Cleaning & Supply product and a machine already in the hospital janitor's closet. The experimental area stayed clean for over 2 weeks - much longer than the rest of the carpet cleaned by other methods - to the surprise and satisfaction of the staff.

Dave was able to demonstrate that his products and methods, coupled with the equipment the hospital already owned, could save the cleaning staff time and effort (because they didn't have enough time, not enough staff and they had too much to do) while maintaining a sanitary environment for the patrons and staff.